SharePoint Saturday Charlotte 2018!

For some reason, I never published this blog post after drafting it last year!

I had a great time helping organize, and then speaking and attending the latest SharePoint Saturday in Charlotte, which was this past Saturday (8/11/2018).

I’ve attended every SharePoint Saturday in Charlotte since 2010.  In fact, the one in 2010 was my first SharePoint Saturday ever, and was even while we still lived in Columbus, OH (we moved to Charlotte later that year). SharePoint Saturdays in 2010, 2011, and 2013 had more than 200 people attend (I IMG_20180811_070704 (2)think), but then we saw it drop off, hitting a low of only 60 people in 2015.  That’s the first year we held it at UNCC Center City, but I don’t blame the venue change.

Those years were a little rough in the SharePoint community as we all wondered what Microsoft was doing – they named SharePoint as simply “sites” in Office 365 and people wondered if SharePoint 2013 was the last on premise version.  That all changed with the return of Jeff Teper and Microsoft’s renewed interest in SharePoint.

Attendance has steadily rebounded and this year we had more than 180 people attend! We’ve focused on having excellent keynote speakers, including three from the SharePoint product group at Microsoft (Chris McNulty, Bill Baer, and Naomi Moneypenny).  Andrew Connell did an excellent job as well for 2017.

Photos from this year

Here’s a few from the keynote(s).  We had one to start the day, and another to start the afternoon!



This is the vendor booth area:


And then we ended the day with giveaways:


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