SharePoint 2010 Administrator Training – UPDATE

I wrote a post last August with details about what materials I used in order to study for the two Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Administration Exams (70-667 & 70-668) : 

This question still comes up a lot, so I thought I’d post an update with some more learning materials.


First, I’ve recently discovered Safari books online.  Safari books online has a lot of SharePoint books, including Wrox books – which I’ve found that I keep gravitating to.  There’s also a LOT more books out there than there were back when I wrote my original post.

Second, I’ve been watching free videos posted by Critical Path on their YouTube channel.  They’ve done a great job presenting webinars for free for the last couple of months and now they’ve posted them on YouTube.  They are still doing the free webinars for a the new few weeks, and at some point after that they’ll be on YouTube as well.  (Critical Path has excellent curriculum for trainer led classes as well.)

Another source of videos is .  I haven’t watched these yet, just tagged this site to look into later.

Also, there are now more options for getting your hands on a virtual environment of SharePoint.  Last year, I pointed out that I have a server that I use to host VM’s.  I also have a cool/powerful laptop (provided by my current employer, Cardinal Solutions Group) that I run VMWare Workstation on.  However, I’ve recently learned about a hosted option: CloudShare.  Asif Rehmani has an Information Worker Demo machine that he has set up on Cloud Share.  He’s posted details in his blog here, with instructions of how to get access.  It’s definitely something to look into.

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