SharePoint 2007: “Failed to extract the cab file in the solution.” when trying to perform addsolution

I ran into an error today, while trying to execute the following: stsadm –o addsolution mySolution.wsp .  The error was “Failed to extract the cab file in the solution.”

A quick search found blog entries stating that either a file in the WSP contained an illegal character or two files were named the same.  I looked through my files and found a couple of graphics files with names containing a parenthesis.  Since all of my file names were unique, which ruled out the one suggestion, I decided to try renaming the files, leaving out the parentheses.

After renaming them, I retried my stsadm command and it worked fine. (“Operation completed successfully.”)

One thing to note: I had manually deployed these same graphic files to a SharePoint library using Designer without any issues.  I guess the solution deployment must be more particular (or maybe Designer handles the name differently).

Print | posted @ Tuesday, February 9, 2010 5:35 PM