Goals for 2010

So Brian Jackett tagged me in his blog post, suggesting that I post some goals for 2010.  Like Brian, I have a formal goal document at work for professional goals.  Unlike Brian, I’m not nearly as ambitious with my goals.


I used to have a huge list of technologies that I wanted to learn. After a few years of having that same list, I’ve finally gotten more realistic about what I can accomplish in a year.  This year, I’m going to focus on:

  • SharePoint 2007 Development -- I've scheduled my exam (WSS dev 70-541), which is an exam I've had on my list for a few years now. If I can pass it, I'll have passed all four of the SharePoint 2007 exams.
  • Windows Server 2008 – The first Microsoft exams that I took were for Windows 2000.  At the time (October 2000), I was going to try to get the MCSE certification.  I think it was something like seven tests at the time.  I took the first three, but failed the fourth (I think it was 70-219).  I took the MCSA beta exam and passed that, but didn’t take any more.  (By that point in my career, I had moved onto development roles.)  SOO, this year, I want to get back into Windows Server, and Active Directory in particular.
  • SharePoint 2010 – Like every other SharePoint person, I’ll need to dive into 2010 sometime soon.

There are other technologies that I’m curious about: Ruby, ASP.NET MVC, Google’s Android, and probably others that don’t come readily to mind.  These don’t make my list because I’m prioritizing topics that I can see myself using on billable projects.


My biggest personal goal is to move my family to North Carolina.  Moving south is an idea that we’ve kicked around for years and last year we finally decided to get serious about it.  Our timing couldn’t be better as a home buyer, however, since we need to sell our home in Columbus, our timing couldn’t be worse.

This goal is going to require so much time and energy (with getting our house ready to sell, finding a place to live in Charlotte, moving, settling in – oh boy), that I’m not going to list any others.

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