Windows 7 taskbar: recent documents

Here’s another cool new feature of Windows 7, in the task bar.  If you have an application that opens files like, Microsoft Word, when you right click on the application icon, you’ll see a list of recently opened documents.  You can also pin particular documents there.

win7_ff_taskbar_10 (Thanks to Paul Thurrott’s article here:

I’ve pinned my most common apps in the taskbar, much like Mac OSX’s dock, and it’s growing on me.  At first, I thought of the taskbar as cluttered, but after using it for a few weeks like, I’ve found that I’m launching those apps faster than if I was digging into the start menu.

Also, I’ve found that I really like having the apps pinned in the same location in taskbar, instead of just the order that they were launched.  I’ve always launched Outlook first and I’m used to having it on the left side of my taskbar.  It would always annoy me whenever I had to relaunch Outlook while other apps were already open, because it would then appear somewhere in the middle or right.  I went so far as to look into utilities that would set the order of windows in the taskbar under XP.  I don’t have to worry about such things with Windows 7!

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