Apple and the iPDA

Dan Knight of Low End Mac (great site) has just written an article arguing that Apple should create an iPDA, with some of the features of their old Newton line. I disagree.

I think Apple has already created their iPDA -- the iPOD.  The iPOD can do what most people bought PDAs to do a few years ago: calendar, contacts, notes.  It even has some time wasting games, ability to transport files/data, and of course music.  Now you can surf the web, check email, etc on modern PDAs, but how good is this experience?  What do you do with an email message on a small screen with no keyboard.

I think it makes more sense to use a small laptop for this.  The wireless is built in.  The screen size, power, storage, expansion ports, all there.  If you need to quickly check an address or phone number (if you don't have it in the cell phone already), you can look it up on the iPOD.

Maybe I'm wrong on this, but I bet most folks use their PDA to simply look up info, not necessarily input data into them.  Which device is more practical when you're sitting in the airport or coffee shop and need to do something?  Laptop or PDA?  How about when you're waiting in line for your driver's license?

However, I am intrigued by Microsoft's TabletPCs.  I would like to see an iBook that would be like the convertable TabletPCs.  Apple already has the hand writting recognition built into OSX.  I'm sure they can easily design the convertable hardware.  They would only need the digitizer (the Tablets aren't actually touch screens, they read the stylus much more intelligently -- also means that if your hands brush against the screen, it isn't mistaken for the stylus).

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